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Today we are looking at 15 young women who are building and running some of the next great companies. These women who range in age from 15-29 are running multi-million dollar business in a diverse set of industries. Check out these women and the companies they are building…

Sarah Prevette

Sarah Prevette

Company: Sprouter.com

Age: 28

Sarah Prevette wanted to find a better way to get answers to her pressing business questions so she started an online community for it called Sprouter. Sprouter is a fast paced environment that focuses on connecting entrepreneurs to socialize and share tips. Sarah has grown Sprouter to 10′s of thousands of users and is backed by angel investors. The community has been featured in numerous publications and is posed to grow as we continue to see growth of online communities and networking.

Ashley Qualls


Company: Whateverlife.com

Age: 20

Ashley started…

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