la suicide pas la bonne solution

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Bien sûr qu’il faut reconnaitre le droit des personnes à disposer de leur vie, autant que leur corps ou que leur genre. C’est d’ailleurs étonnant que dans le cas du suicide « l’indisponibilité du corps » ne joue pas. La loi ne punit pas les tentatives. Encore une incohérence de l’indisponibilité. tentent de rapprocher suicide et transition. Les deux seraient des solutions possibles pour résoudre le mal-être. Bien sûr dans les deux cas il y a décision : celle du passage à l’acte (d’ailleurs plus une décision qu’un choix quand les alternatives sont réduites à ce point). Pourtant le suicide n’est pas « une solution » comme peut l’être la transition lorsqu’elle répond à une réelle transidentité. Le suicide ne règle rien, il contourne, il annule, il nie. Ce n’est pas un jugement que je porte sur les personnes qui veulent en finir. C’est un constat. On ne…

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How to Be Happy Being Single on Valentine’s Day….

How to Be Happy Being Single on Valentine’s Day…..

i will forever advocate for bachelohood



Getting into a relationship is easy, but keeping it alive is the difficult part. There are plenty of things, big or small, that an wreck an otherwise great relationship. Now, Dr Barton Goldsmith, a California-based psychotherapist and the author of ‘100 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence – Believe in Yourself and Others Will Too’ reveals what all can kill romantic relationships and how to save it from falling apart.

1. Money: It’s the root of all evils, as they say. If a partner has been unscrupulous, getting the trust back can be a challenge, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

2. Sex/infidelity: A sexless marriage or unfaithfulness can extinguish love quicker than blowing out a candle. Don’t let the flame burn out and try to renew your sex life.

3. Disrespect: Research shows that belittling, insulting or yelling at your partner can cut the chances of your relationship’s survival.

4. Children:…

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I was asleep. The jogoo shouted three times, I opened one eye and left the other to sleep abit. I was wishing I had slept with my uniforms putted on, but I realised if wishes were chickens beggars would been layin eggs. I woke up with only one eye open n and I was looking where the karai was put I wash my face. I found some cotton which I used to burn the jiko and cook a chai without milk called sturungi. I drank the sturungi haphazardy and hurriendily with a big piece of kiugali which had remained at night. I put on my uniforms and then I painted myself with fat and because there was no kiwi I had to paint my shoes with fat to.

I took a paperbag put books and biros then ran my everything, I beated the first corner hardly then as I was…

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